Trump mixes his coronavirus messages — again

Tapper: Trump's messages on stimulus are dizzying

Shortly after negotiators announced Trump had OK’d a $1.8 trillion deal — which was still short of Democrats’ $2 trillion ask — Trump told talk radio host Rush Limbaugh that “I would like to see a bigger stimulus package than either Democrats or Republicans are offering.”

Trump’s confusing stance on a coronavirus stimulus package, which seemingly changed by the hour, follows his return from Walter Reed by helicopter on Monday night after his Covid-19 diagnosis.

The stakes are high — for the US economy, the nation and the Covid-19 positive President himself. 

Health officials are warning the country is in a precarious position as we enter the colder months, with real economic implications. This week, the country’s Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell warned a second wave of coronavirus could “more significantly limit economic activity, not to mention the tragic effects on lives and well-being.” 
Trump made his only public appearance of the week during that trip back home, when he landed at the White House, walked up a flight of stairs, took off his mask and posed for a photo op. Trump has, however, appeared in a number of videos posted directly to his Twitter account, and called into multiple conservative, friendly TV and radio shows, including a lengthy two hours with Rush Limbaugh midday Friday.

The home-bound Trump this week refused to participate in the reconfigured upcoming debate on October 15 — now virtual, in-part due to Trump’s own Covid-19 diagnosis. Trump said, “I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate,” though Friday’s interview with Limbaugh outlasted a 90-minute debate window.

Of course, like the stimulus negotiations, that all could change (multiple times). For his part, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has already made other plans for the night: He’ll participate in an ABC News town hall on October 15. 

The Point: Despite Trump’s rosy projections, the coronavirus is still very much an issue for both the nation and the President. 

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