West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: Monday 9/14 roundup

West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: Saturday 8/15 roundup

Our nightly pandemic toplines:

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: Here’s today’s daily summary from Public Health – the cumulative countywide totals:

*20.931 people have tested positive, 63 more than yesterday’s total

*743 people have died, unchanged since Friday

*2,305 people have been hospitalized, 4 more than yesterday’s total

*401,635 people have been tested, 3,121 more than yesterday’s total

One week ago, the totals were 20.320/734/2,264/385,152.


WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: See them – nation by nation – here.

CITY TESTING SITES TO REOPEN TOMORROW: They were closed today because of the air quality, but the sites – including Southwest Athletic Complex in West Seattle – are expected to be open Tuesday.

GROCERY-SHOPPING UPDATE: With one chain store changing its senior/at-risk hours, we checked to see where other stores stand with those.

GOVERNOR’S BRIEFING TOMORROW: At 2:30 pm Tuesday, Gov. Inslee plans a briefing that is expected to cover the COVID-19 response as well as the ongoing wildfire disaster. You’ll be able to watch here.

GOT SOMETHING TO REPORT? [email protected] or 206-293-6302, text/voice – thank you!


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