How Lido learning has changed students’ extracurricular activities

Howx Lido learning has changed students' extracurricular activities

In Sanskrit, there is a beautiful sloka that describes the position of the guru (teacher) above God. After all, teachers are the ones who hold the student’s hand and guide him on the right path.

Due to the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in education in recent months. Almost everything stopped, and teachers and students faced unforeseen difficulties. Despite all the difficulties, we witnessed the way people came together to provide each student with quality education without leaving home.

Lido Learning: a major change in the world of learning

The wonderful guys from Lido Learning are reinventing the one-to-many learning system that is widespread in our country. They believe that individual care and attention are needed to keep the human component in the world of virtual classrooms. Their main goal is to make learning interactive for students, through the use of technology and the appropriate cleaning of content.

There is a huge market for coaching institutions and training centres. However, due to geographical or socio-economic barriers, the student is limited to some of these institutions. Lido strives to complete it with the best technological solution. Lido Learning works in different regions to bring together the best teachers and make them accessible to students across the country.


Any student enrolled in Standard 4-9 on the CBSE and ICSE Board can take advantage of this eLearning platform. With 7,000 customers actively involved, Lido Learning will expand significantly daily in evaluations, forums and course offerings!

How Lido Learning came about

Sahil Sheth is the founder and CEO of the start-up Lido Learning. In 2011, as he prepared for his online acting exams, Sahil realized how effective e-learning platforms are in delivering high-quality content anywhere, anytime.

Sahil was inspired and saw great potential in creating such a platform that could radically improve student learning outcomes in India. His ideas led to the creation of Lido Learning as one of the most innovative e-learning platforms in the country!

Guides to increase their talent

With the changing times, it is necessary to mentor all those who work in this field. Despite the fact that improving the learning system is the main goal of Lido learning, they understand the need for timely mentoring for their mentors.

Currently, the organization has about 600 mentors, mentors from all over the country. Although they already have teaching experience, they are trained as soon as they become part of the Lido family, so they all follow the same pattern.

The Lido team noticed that a huge percentage of their mentors already have teaching experience. They understand that it takes a lot of courage to go from offline to online and it’s almost like speaking different languages. They applaud the dedication that these mentors bring, taking this as a future. Lido teachers are trying hard to improve their skills.

There are many talents in the guidance community in the far corners of our country. With Lido Learning, these teachers have the opportunity to share their knowledge and change students’ lives for the better.

Lido offers timely mentoring courses for all mentors. Tutors take care of their professional development through regular training and coaching.

Removing all the chaos from the teacher’s life

Lido is the main source of income for most of these teachers.

Unlike a typical day at school for a teacher, which includes taking notes, performing administrative tasks and so on, in Lido, the teacher should focus only on teaching. This gives them the opportunity to teach in the best possible way, directing all their attention and energy to a single job – education.

This relieves teachers of a heavy burden because the curriculum has already been created. There is a secure virtual classroom and all you have to do is teach! They can focus on what they are preparing in the form of content delivery and interaction with students.

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