Marilyn Hagerty: As summer comes to an unofficial close, coronavirus brings changes to the classroom

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The last, long weekend of summer arrives with Philip the Fly checking routes for traveling south. And coronavirus keeps putting a damper on activities.

But life goes on. You can tell that by talking to someone like Luna. She started kindergarten this week at Lewis and Clark School. And she is on Cloud Nine.

After her first day, she said, “I love it. It is so much fun.”

Yes, she was scared on the first day. She wanted her mother to walk her into the room where Deanna Mattice is the teacher. She felt secure because she has her cousin Chloe in the same room.

Luna has an older brother, Ely, and an older sister, Pippi, who led the way to school. Her parents are Jeni and Chad Kurtyka.

Luna wore pink shorts and capris for her first day of school. She took two masks – just in case – for protection against this thing called coronavirus.

She doesn’t really understand what this is all about. Some day she may tell younger people about coronavirus. And how it was when she started school.

Off tune

Meanwhile, the September song sounds different this year. No football games coming up for UND Hawks. No Potato Bowl. No parade. No marching bands.

Still there is a feeling that you have to stay positive. You hear it from people like Denny Evavold who says the races will continue tonight at River Cities Speedway.

There will be masks available. And hand sanitizer. There will be social distancing in the stands.

Some things never change. This is the season to check the furnace. Pick the apples. Gather up the pumpkins. This is the season to dig out sweaters and jackets. This is the time when hunters are assessing the season ahead. The time for docks to come in off the lakes.

Birds in the backyard seem unconcerned about coronavirus. They flutter around and congregate these days unaware of the recommendation to maintain distances of 6 feet.

Ask Marilyn

Q. What interesting license plates have been spotted lately?

A. There was HUNTN, DE BEEZ and MSTORK.

Denny and Nancy

Cheerful people of the week: Denny Evavold and Nancy Bugliosi.

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