Learn Translation Of The Quran With Expert Islamic Scholars Via Online Platforms

The interpretation of the Quran in any language other than the Quran is known as the translation of the Quran. Originally the Quran was revealed in Arabic language, but with the passage of the time Islam started to spread in non-Arab states. In non-Arab states, it became difficult for people to understand the teachings of Islam because Arabic was not their native language. The first translation of the Quran was made in Persian language. Today, currently the Quran has been translated into more than 47 languages. Besides this, selected verses of the Quran are translated into approximately 114 languages.

Start from ground level:

The trusted online Quran reading academies in the world are helping Muslims to understand the Quran in their native language. The specified Quran translation course is designed for learners who are interested in learning Arabic language. The foremost interest of teachers is to assist students to understand Arabic language. For this purpose, Arabic grammar rules are considered as extremely helpful.

Hassle-free platform:

To learn online Quran translation in English and Urdu make you hassle-free from the effort to rush to a mosque at a fixed time. Every person is managing many things simultaneously, practically it is impossible to follow a hectic routine on a daily basis. Hence, online learning platforms offer the facility to learners to choose a timetable according to their flexibility. The teachers are punctual, enthusiastic, and passionate to teach Muslims.

Word to word translation:

Arabic is a very diverse language. There is a huge difference between the classical Arabic language and the modern Arabic language. The meaning of each word is different in different places. The student should be vigilant enough to identify the meaning of each word. It requires a lot of practice and guidance. The online Quran teachers refer to authentic books of Arabic language to develop sound understanding with Arabic language.

Engaging teaching approach:

The teachers assist students to learn online Quran translation in English and Urdu via one-on-one interactive sessions. The period of course depends upon the student’s ability to perceive the lessons. For this purpose, the online Quran tutors make sure that they are using a step-based approach. They assign tasks that are easy to understand by students instead of teaching many things at once.

Learn in your native language:

The professional online Quran reading academies collaborate with expert scholars of the Quran across the world to teach it to people. The online Quran teachers provide authentic annotated linguistic resources to learners to thoroughly understand the Quran. It is always comfortable to learn the translation of the Quran in your native language. Usually, English and Urdu are two preferable languages.

Develop a multi-direction approach:

The interactive classes via Skype build interest among learners to explore new dimensions. The teachers insist students to learn Hadith, Fiqah, and Islamic history to relate events. It also develops a multi-directional approach among learners. Even you can apply the knowledge of Islam to solve your daily life problems. When you develop the deep understanding with the basic etiquettes of Islam, you start to practice them.


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