Opinion | America Can Beat the Coronavirus

Opinion | America Can Beat the Coronavirus

Thank you, Americans.

That hasn’t been said nearly enough over these awful last few months.

In this frightening and uncertain time, we’ve had to absorb many new and disconcerting concepts — from social distancing to flattening the curve to community transmission to case-fatality rates. We’ve been reminded repeatedly that we aren’t doing enough to stem the spread of the coronavirus, that we are a “failed state,” unable to manage the greatest existential threat in our lifetimes. The country that calls itself exceptional has long lines at food banks, strained public health systems and millions of its own citizens wondering how they’re going to keep the lights on and their families fed.

There is no question that misinformation, mismanagement and incompetence from national, state and local leaders have cost many lives. But focusing only on failure obscures much of the good work that the vast majority of Americans have done, and are doing, to look after one another.

If we are going to get through this global crisis, we need to hear more than just what we’re doing wrong, or should be doing better. We need to hear, if only now and then, what we are doing right. And as individuals working to help the larger community, we have been doing a lot right.

This weekend, as we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country, it’s worth pausing to acknowledge the smaller but essential patriotic sacrifices we are all making today, for one another.

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