How to attract and drive traffic to your website?

Today the Web is clearly the place to be if you want to exist and continue to reach as many people as possible. What are the web marketing strategies to implement? What type of traffic to choose? It will depend on the goals you want to achieve. Here are different sources of possible traffic to develop the visibility of your site on the internet.

Attract traffic to your site with Google

Optimizing the referencing of your website is essential to increase the number of visitors generated by search engines. 95% of Internet users use Google as a search engine to find answers to questions they ask or to search for a product or service. However, to generate traffic, you have to position yourself in the first 3 search results on Google. Paid SEO is a tool to integrate into your web marketing strategy to attract traffic to your site.

Generate organic web traffic

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uses different techniques to gain natural visibility so that the website is well placed in search results and that it generates traffic for free. SEO, however, requires time and persistence. You will be able to optimize your SEO and acquire traffic thanks in particular to a content strategy and also with a Google My Business page.

Web content strategy

Publishing content on your blog offers the possibility of boosting your website by creating a large number of optimized pages. It is a very beneficial technique for gaining traffic with a content marketing strategy. Indeed, google bots regularly scan all existing pages on the web to identify and index them.

So the more content you create on your website, and therefore of pages, the more your site is visited by Google robots. So you have better chances for your site to be well referenced. However, creating content requires a content marketing strategy to offer quality content to Internet users and to Google.

What is quality content? It is content that provides information with high added value for the reader, and which allows Google’s algorithm to satisfy user requests. By analyzing the information sought by your target customers on the internet, you can write effective blog articles, and you can even get a Wikipedia page and build the expertise of your business. However, if you don’t know how to create a Wikipedia page then you can just turn to Wiki Creators Inc or an individual wiki expert.

Generate paid web traffic

Paid SEO or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) consists of creating and optimizing campaigns to serve advertisements with Google Ads. This is the best way to position your website on strategic keywords. This technique allows a considerable increase in traffic because these ads will generate a qualified audience with visitors interested in your products or services. The goal will be to run effective campaigns with well-optimized landing pages to avoid unnecessary clicks that will have a negative impact on Google, and a high cost per click (CPC).

Depending on your goals and resources, you will use SEO and SEA as complementary acquisition channels.

Orient your audience with email marketing campaigns

This technique is based on the massive sending of emails to a contact list. Email marketing is a mix of communication and direct marketing. More than half of the planet is currently using email. The massive adoption of email makes it the ideal channel to attract your audience to your website.

I advise you to practice all of these techniques to attract traffic to your site. Then set up other marketing solutions to convert your visitors into qualified prospects. However, go step by step and be patient if you favor organic strategies overpaid strategies.

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