Book The Exclusive 2020 Desert Safari Deals in Sharjah

Book the exclusive 2020 desert safari deals in Sharjah

The upscale hotel and resorts are providing luxury living facilities in Sharjah. During 2019, more than 5 million visitors have visited Sharjah. Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority have released a report in 2019 in which they have categorically mentioned that approximately 1.7 million visitors have visited Sharjah and through their visit to Sharjah they spent $172m by contributing to the economy of the country. However, the occupancy rate of tourists in hotels was 15% more than 2017. Usually, Russian tourists provided the largest contribution (approximately 23%) in the economy of Sharjah. People from different areas of the world (Oman, China, Saudi, India, Indonesian, Malaysian, German, and Singaporean) have specifically visited Sharjah in 2019.

The authorities of Sharjah have planned to uplift the tourism facilities for all visitors. It was the biggest satisfaction for me because I was coming from Europe. I have heard a lot about Islamic civilization, architecture, and exciting desert safari activities in Sharjah. I have been working in the cultural organization of Europe that’s why I got a chance to visit Sharjah. My official team members arranged the best VIP desert safari tour from Sharjah. The hotel was comfortable and I was amazed byfine dining facilities. I took my camera and went for the desert safari adventure. The 4×4 car (Nissan Patrol) came to pick me up from my hotel around 3:00 pm. I was extremely enthusiastic to witness the nature in the desert.

ATV quad bike ride is the perfect partner for adventure junkies in Sharjah:

The desert safari Sharjah offers in 2020 have included a plethora of hair-raising activities and one of them is the exciting ATV quad biking on dunes. I put on a helmet, knee pads, and gloves with bundles of instructions from my instructor. It was difficult to drive on alternating crust and trough but I made my way. The jumps raised my excitement level.

Dune bashing rushes electrifying energy in your veins:

I went through Google to get to know about dune bashing in 4×4 cars on sand hills. I was aware of the risks and precautions necessary for this drive. My excitement level was touching sky after reading interesting about dune bashing and ATV quad biking. It is necessary to maintain momentum and turning angles while enjoying this off-road driving. I cannot explain my feelings here as this was full of invigorating adventure. It rushed adrenaline in my veins when I moved up or down over the dunes. The name of my experienced driver was Abdullah. Hats off to him to double my joy! The best Sharjah city tour offer included my visit to BuhairahCorniche, Al Noor Mosque, King Faisal Mosque, Al Hisn Fort, Souk Al Arsa, Sharjah Heritage Museum, and Souk Al Markazi during 5 hours.

The camel ride in the desert is not to miss at all:

The camel ride was feeling like swimming in the desert. I made videos of the extensive landscape of the desert. The camel ride was full of genial moments during my way to the campsite. I had stunning photographs with camel as well. I feel completely blessed to explore the Turkish style mosques, enjoying delectable coffee and cookies from café, e relaxing walk across the waterfront, looking at the historical museums, and many other places included in the best Sharjah city tour offer.

Gorgeous sunset and Arabian dress photography are worthy to share on social media:

It was the dusk time and the sun was basking behind hills. The sky was filled with an orange color and that moment was breathtaking. I opened my camera and made different poses to have marvelous photos. I wore a flattery Arabian dress that was looking enchanting. Oh yes! I had multiple options to take snaps.

You will always remember the dance performance at the campsite:

The desert safari Sharjah have included live dance performances such as Belly dance, Tanura dance, and fire show. The dancers wearing traditional Arabic dresses showed awe-inspiring performances on melodious tunes.

The best part during the fire show was fire eating and fire breathing.

Enjoy the savory dinner at VIP campsite:

The VIP waiter service at the VIP sitting area made me feel like a princess. The BBQ dinner was finger-licking tasty and refreshments (ghawa, tea, and dates) were delectable.

I tried the exotic Arabic water pipe with a rich tobacco flavor. I had beautiful floral henna painting tattoos on my hands that mesmerized me a lot. Besides this, there was a separate playing area for children and separate bathroom facilities for both genders. The VIP desert safari tour from Sharjah included the best excursions at affordable rates. I captured every single moment in my camera and wrote a blog in my magazine about my exciting tour to Sharjah. I added photos as well to build eagerness among readers.

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