WhatsApp Marketing: how to develop a powerful campaign today?

The Digital report in 2019 – Capital Smart City Islamabad by Hootsuite and We Are Social reveals that WhatsApp is the second most used social network by Spaniards, after YouTube. Which means that it is the chat app with the greatest market penetration, an important fact if it is considered that 85% of Spaniards communicate via mobile messaging.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is based on the use of the WhatsApp
mobile application. 
strategic use consists in fully exploiting the features that this platform
offers in terms of instant messaging.

In this sense, a WhatsApp marketing strategy involves actions
that range from mere direct communication with users to the sending of valuable

Thus, campaigns through this platform can be part of
global inbound marketing, customer service and even inbound sales strategies.

Although WhatsApp is not a tool designed for commercial
contexts, the innovative approach of brands has allowed it to expand its use
beyond the social and the familiar.

In this way, companies have begun to sow their seeds in a very
fertile territory, as a platform that offers so many advantages cannot be left
out of a digital marketing strategy, don’t you think?

WhatsApp in the world:
numbers speak for themselves

In 2014, the WhatsApp company was bought by Facebook for $
19,000 million. 
The reason? The
giant of the blue social network saw in the mobile app all the potential it
could develop in the market. 

Since then, WhatsApp has had a constant, accelerated and
unstoppable growth. Some data that prove it are:

  • In 2016:
    • More than 1,000 calls were made per second (100 million a day).
    • The number of monthly users was 1,000 million .
  • In 2017:
    • The number of daily users was 1,000 million .
    • Daily 55,000 million messages, 4.5 billion
      photos and one billion videos were sent.
    • The “WhatsApp status” was used
      by 175 million people
      every day .
  • In 2018:
    • The sum of 2,000 million minutes per day was recorded in calls .
    • The number of monthly users was 1.5 billion .

These high success rates are not fortuitous. Behind them
is the entire financial, technological and communicational background of one of
the most powerful corporations in the world (Facebook)
 , which makes
this application a digital marketing channel with unprecedented
potential. And we are here so you can get all your juice. You add up?

WhatsApp Business: what
is it and why is it causing marketing fury?

WhatsApp Business is the “commercial brother” of WhatsApp, an
application that is originally designed for the deployment of WhatsApp
marketing campaigns. 
This means that it has multiple functions that
are helping companies communicate better with their customers and sell much

Some of its characteristics that cause more commercial fury are:

  • Company
    profile: it
     is the option to
    add important information about the organization, such as the location on
    Google Maps, hours of operation, description, email and a web link.
  • Broadcast
    lists: they
     work similarly
    to email lists, but instead of emails, contact lists are created to which
    messages can be massively sent.
  • Automatic
    replies: it
     is possible to
    configure automatic welcome, absence or other messages. These are sent
    every time a user writes by chat.
  • Statistics
     although it is
    basic and limited (for now), there is a panel with statistics on messages delivered,
    sent, read and received.
  • Business
     The API WhatsApp is a very powerful and versatile resource, allowing, among
    others, creating a personalized chatbot to automate interactions.

While it is true that WhatsApp Business is specially designed for
customer relations, it is also true that the standard version of WhatsApp is
still extremely useful for marketing. Even the latter has more market
penetration than the business version. Did you know?

8 advantages of executing WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is a completely different communication channel from
everyone else. It is direct, practical and fast like no other. These
features give you a series of exclusive advantages for your WhatsApp marketing
Eight of the most important advantages are:

  1. There are no
    algorithms that harm you.
  2. You get more
    visibility than any other channel.
  3. You can check the
    success of your shipments.
  4. You have a wide
    variety of content formats.
  5. There is little
    competition in the market.
  6. You optimize the use
    with the WhatsApp Web version.
  7. You improve the
    experiences through the person to person.
  8. You distribute any
    type of strategic content.

Discover more advantages of these types of strategies with
our Inbound Marketing
Results report of Blue world city Islamabad.

1. There are no
algorithms that harm you

Neither in standard WhatsApp nor in Business there are content
positioning algorithms, so your organic reach is 100% assured. 
This means that there is no system that
classifies your content as relevant or irrelevant or distributes its scope from

This is a big difference between WhatsApp marketing and SEO
positioning or social media marketing. In the latter, their algorithms
sometimes become a difficult enemy to overcome.

Google, for example, applies changes to its algorithm every day . The same goes for Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter. And that is a great advantage over them, don’t you

2. You get more
visibility than any other channel

Smartphone users check WhatsApp notifications more than any
other application. 
is because, beyond being a social network, WhatsApp is a telephony
application. It has become the basic and essential tool for messaging
communications and even for calls or video calls.

Thus, the messages sent through this application are much more
likely to be read than through other channels, such as emails or social
networks. Even better is that CTR rates on sent links are also higher
compared to other channels.

3. You can check the
success of your shipments

One of the challenges in developing an advertising campaign is
to overcome the uncertainty about whether or not audiences are receiving
advertising messages.

In the case of WhatsApp marketing, this uncertainty is reduced
to almost 100% thanks to the popular double blue check,
 which indicates which recipients read
the messages and at what time, data of great importance to check the
effectiveness of shipments.

4. You have a wide
variety of content formats

More and more content formats can be sent and received through
the application. Today, WhatsApp allows formats such as videos, images,
audios, GIFs, stickers, emoticons and, of course, texts.

In addition, and that very important for business ,
you can send PDF files, documents, spreadsheets or presentations, among others.

These formats allow you to communicate a creative, clear and
direct message, according to your WhatsApp Marketing strategy. 

And now the question is: what formats will come in the future?

5. There is little
competition in the market

The level of competence in terms of strategies by WhatsApp can
be analyzed from two perspectives:

On the one hand, the WhatsApp application is a world
leader. Reach more users than any other messaging app. This means
that if you are in WhatsApp, you are with the champions.

On the other hand, there are few companies that are developing
marketing campaigns on WhatsApp. This means that you can take the
initiative in your sector and take advantage of your lagging competitors.

6. Optimize the use with
the WhatsApp Web version

WhatsApp Web is the version of the application that you can use on your
computer through a web browser
 (Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, among
others). By doing so, the convenience of use is multiplied by being able
to count on the functionalities of your hardware: microphone, webcam and keyboard.

This allows you to work more comfortably in the interaction with
your contacts and stop depending on the limitations of your smartphone. 

7. Improve the
experiences through the person to person

53% of people feel more confident to do business with a company
if they can contact their staff directly by courier ( Nielsen and Facebook ). In this sense, interacting with
WhatsApp with your customers generates high levels of satisfaction and trust.

The reason for this is that communications by this application
are 1: 1, that is, from person to person directly, humanized and with

8. Distribute any type
of strategic content

WhatsApp is not only about sending messages, but about
the ability to exploit the tool as a service, interaction and promotion
Thus, through the application you can, among other things …

  • Inform about offers
    and promotions.
  • Make draws and contests.
  • Notify about news and
  • Provide a customer
  • Confirm orders,
    shipments or reservations.
  • Promote the visit to
    your website or social networks.
  • Send interesting
    content for users.

8 keys to developing a powerful WhatsApp
Marketing campaign

A very wise statement by HubSpot is
that “the biggest threat to your company is not competition, but to offer
a poor customer experience.” This premise applies to all types of
business strategies, including those for digital marketing by WhatsApp.

Therefore, you must take into account a series of keys when
conducting a WhatsApp marketing campaign that is satisfactory for your
customers and profitable for your business.

The 8 keys to achieve this are:

  1. Clearly define the
    goals of using WhatsApp.
  2. Promote the
    registration of your telephone number.
  3. Lean on the statistics
    of other channels.
  4. Keep the clarity and
    freshness of your messages.
  5. Design attractive and
    fast-consuming audiovisual content.
  6. Use the “state”
    for non-invasive information.
  7. Create and manage a
    group that brings value.
  8. Respond immediately
    and set schedules.

You can learn more about it with the guide How to launch an inbound marketing campaign . Do not miss it!

1. Clearly define the
objectives of your marketing on WhatsApp

As in any high impact marketing plan, having clear objectives is
something absolutely necessary. This brings coherence and organization,
avoids mistakes and promotes good quality.

Before you start using WhatsApp as a marketing channel for your
business, you must ask yourself (and answer) issues such as:

  • Why
    am I going to use it? 
    benefits you expect to achieve).
  • How
    will I use it? 
    (Choose the function
    you need: customer service, sales processes, sending promotions, collecting
    opinions, etc.).
  • When
    will I use it? 
    (Only on weekends,
    only during the week, 24/7, by seasons, etc.).
  • Who
    am I going to address? 
    (Define your buyer specific person for WhatsApp).

2. Promote the
registration of your telephone number

Because WhatsApp is based on the person to person interaction,
trust is fundamental. People do not want to receive messages from
strangers, as this application is still a social network in which users prefer
to admit only to their circle of interest.

For this reason, you must design tactics to promote your
customers or potential customers to register your number on their respective
smartphones. So you become a contact of his and enter his circles of trust
to more effectively deploy your WhatsApp Marketing strategy.

From InboundCycle we give you some tactics that you can put into

  • Generate traffic from
    your social networks and website to your WhatsApp. Let your audience know
    that, through this channel, you can serve them in a more direct and
    personalized way.
  • Create offers,
    contests, promotions or raffles in which people should contact you on WhatsApp.
  • Set more flexible
    hours of service by WhatsApp compared to your other channels. If on
    Facebook you only attend from 8 am to 4 pm, by WhatsApp it can be from 8 am to
    8 pm.

3. Lean on the
statistics of other channels

WhatsApp Business offers a statistics panel that, for most
cases, is not as functional as we would like. Therefore, you must use your
email marketing and social media marketing analytics to be able to determine in
WhatsApp aspects such as:

  • What days and at what
    time users are usually more receptive to emails and publications.
  • What are the types of
    content that people most like to receive.
  • What are the content
    formats that attract the most attention in users.

With data like these you can better design your inbound
marketing content strategy by WhatsApp.

4. Keep the clarity and
freshness of your messages

Although you can rely on your email marketing analytics, you
should keep in mind that WhatsApp is not an email platform. Here, the
messages you send should be:

  • Short: remember that it is a chat, people want to be able to read
    each message at a glance.

    • Direct: say what you have to say, avoid generating uncertainty or
  • Sure: do not wander into ideas, make your
    message understood very well at the first reading.
  • Relevant: focus on the interest of your audience,
    not in your personal or commercial interest.
  • Compact: send all content in the same message,
    not in several messages, because these are annoying:

5. Design attractive and
fast-consuming audiovisual content

WhatsApp users are usually very good audiovisual consumers,
because the text is not among their favorite options. You can get high levels of engagement if you send content in formats such as:

  • Compact infographics
  • Short videos
  • Explanatory images
  • Audios with good quality

If your content is interesting, then these formats make
it easy for them to be shared and viralized by your audience. 
allows you to achieve an unprecedented organic reach.

On the other hand, when using texts you can enrich your design
through different formats: italic, bold, strikethrough and monospaced .

You can also create your own custom GIFs , use emoticons to convey emotions and share links to
encourage interactivity and generate traffic.

The secret of the contents in WhatsApp marketing is to adapt to
your audience, to your style and personality.

6. Use the
“state” for non-invasive information

In some opportunities and contexts direct messages can be
invasive. If the users have not started a conversation with you, then
they are not waiting or want you to start it.

Let, then, that they themselves make the decision to consume
your content. The ideal method for this is to use the “WhatsApp
states” (the equivalent of Instagram stories).

Through them you can publish any type of information,
audiovisual and interactive, available only for 24 hours.

7. Create and manage a
group that brings value

WhatsApp groups can include up to 256 members. If you have
your contact list well organized and segmented, this option is extremely useful
for your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

As long as your contacts agree, you can add them to different
groups according to their topics of interest. In each group you have to
share valuable information for both your audience and your company. 
implies encouraging and generating collective conversations around new product
launches, invitations to events, technical support or raffles, among others.

8. Respond immediately
and set schedules

Unlike other channels, WhatsApp users expect to receive
immediate responses to their messages. They know that you have your
smartphone always at your fingertips, especially if they see the typical
“online” notification. If you do not respond to them on time,
they will feel that you are ignoring them.

However, this situation is very common in communications between
companies and audiences, which generates high rates of
dissatisfaction. This represents for you an opportunity to provide
differentiating experiences, increase the reputation of your brand and generate
empathy in your audience.

Do not see as an obligation to respond quickly, assume it as an
opportunity to build customer loyalty through WhatsApp marketing in real time.

On the other hand, a very viable technique to be able to better
manage your time is to establish “business hours”. In the description of
your profile you can place the time in which you are available (to attend

Real cases of successful marketing campaigns
on WhatsApp

‘Hybridize’ by Toyota

Even before the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, Toyota had
already begun to execute WhatsApp marketing strategies on a massive
level. In 2012, it launched the “Hybridize” campaign, which consisted of
raffling an iPhone 5 among users who placed the word  hybridized”
in their states.

The result? Traffic of more than 33,000 visitors and about
6,500 users registered in the contest only during the first month.

Toyota’s WhatsApp marketing strategy is repeated. In 2015
and, instead of raffling a smartphone, the prize is a Toyota Aygo model vehicle.

To participate, people had to use the messaging app to
“flirt” with a company representative. In the attempt of
seduction everything was valid, from the use of creative texts to the sending
of images, audios or videos.

The result? Figures above 17,000 participants and 89,000
conversations generated. Plus extensive media coverage.

WhatsApp Marketing in
SMEs: “Casa Ana” and Taxis in Almería

  • Casa
    Casa Ana is a grocery store that doubled its
    sales thanks to a WhatsApp campaign. This consisted of giving students in
    the area the option to place orders through the app before recess
    time. Thus, when leaving, they could go looking for them without delay.
  • Taxis
    in Almería:
     Taxi lines in
    Almería implemented the option to receive unit requests through
    WhatsApp. One of the keys to the success of this strategy was the
    functionality of geolocation offered by the mobile app. This served so
    that taxi drivers could know exactly where the customers were.
WhatsApp Marketing taxis in Almeria

Source: La Edition newspaper

Get inspired here with more success stories of inbound marketing in Spain.

WhatsApp marketing strategies are characterized by their levels
of effectiveness and unprecedented cost reduction. 
No other communication channel has all these
benefits detailed throughout the article.

However, for your campaign to be 100% successful it must be
planned under the best practices of inbound marketing. Otherwise, you
run the risk of affecting the reputation of your brand, driving away your
potential customers and generating such annoying spam. 

And you, have you already integrated WhatsApp in your marketing
strategy? Tell me in the comments!

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