Renting a Swiss Watch is Now Possible

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Renting a Swiss watch like renting a private
jet or a luxury car is what some young companies offers to high-end watchmaking
lovers. The American businessman, Randy Brandoff, created the concept named Eleven
James in 2018 and it has already started to be adopted in other countries. It
is the best alternative for those who want to wear and change Swiss watches
anytime they want to without spending a lot of money.

A New Way of Having Swiss

People say that everything can be bought and
sold. Currently, everything can also be rented. At a time when ownership of an
object is becoming more and more incidental, atypical rental services are
flourishing. Like Eleven James, the first concept of a watchmaking club proposing
the rental of high-end watches, there are already other similar clubs that have
started existing since last months.

As a lover of a beautiful sedan offered for
rental during a weekend, those who are fond of beautiful timepieces can therefore
adorn themselves with various watches without necessarily buying them
definitively. On the other hand, if it is really important to you to purchase a
prestigious model with a smaller budget, you can find affordable swiss made automatic watches at Louis Chevrolet.

Swiss Watch Rental: The
Customer Experience first

The evolution of consumption patterns,
especially in luxury sector, has pushed some new companies to democratize it and
make it accessible to the greatest number of customers. Who has never dreamed
of wearing an exceptional brand such as Panerai, Cartier or Rolex? Experts are
committed to creating a customer experience in complete freedom, without any constraint
for them.

As the specialists in watchmaking would say, wanting to try out a new Swiss watch for sale is an impossible mission. No one would let a customer leave with a watch worth several thousands of dollars on their wrist, unlike a car where testing is essential and prior to any purchase. Rental companies thus allow everyone to borrow and try the watches they want to. The goal is to take ownership of the object, to have something beautiful on your wrist and to feel comfortable with it.

When to Rent a Swiss

At a wedding, an interview, confirming an
indecisive purchase or simply wanting to be “on fire”, those new rental
companies have everything planned. They allow the public to discover the world
of exceptional watchmaking, to be in contact with prestigious watchmakers and
individuals wishing to share their collection.

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