A Chance in a lifetime to invest in the next big thing

A Chance in a lifetime to invest in the next big thing

If you could turn back time and invested in Monster Energy Corp when they first started, your $1000 then would now be grown to $875,000! If it was on beyond meat a plant-based ground meat product your $1000 investment would today be $1,890,000! But that has passed and it’s too late. But now there is a new opportunity for all of us to jump into.

A Venture Capital in Medical Marijuana is seeking investment to invest in multiple small businesses that have the potential to grow their businesses by more than 100 times their current performance. And with as little as $1000 you can be part of it.

What is Venture Capital?

Venture capital is a way of
generating capital for small businesses or start-up businesses that have the
potential to grow. Investors who put up funds get equity and potential to
receive more than the average pay off. Through crowdfunding, you can invest in
a growing business with very little money and generate millions.

Venture Capital is simply a
company that asks for money from people who want to invest and seek the
businesses to invest on behalf of this big pool of investors. In most cases
Venture Capital firms have minimums such as $1,000,000 per investor. So that in
a few investors they will have tens of millions. This company is allowing a
minimum of $1000 for its first $3,000,000. This is why they are worth

Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana

In the past, marijuana has
always been treated like a criminal drug. The recreational use and abuse of
marijuana and illegal criminal dealing of pot has made it a controversial drug,
resulting in the loss of its health benefits. But in the late 90’s people
started legalising marijuana for medical purposes which resulted in different
US states legalizing it for medical uses.

Medicinal Marijuana (MMJ) is used to treat many health issues like:

Cancer patients use it to
relieve pain after chemotherapy, and PTSD patients use it to control anxiety.
Research shows that medicinal marijuana improves immune functions, vascular
health, digestive system and neuroplasticity, and prevents Alzheimer’s.

Investing in a purpose driven company

420 Capital is different from
many of your typical wall street VC firms. 420 Capital seeks investment with a
purpose. Medicinal marijuana is a new growing industry. But a lot of businesses
are just taking advantage as a legal front to deal with drugs. 420 Capital will
take the good products and create a brand that will become the household name
of non smoking Marijuana products.

Apart from funding the small businesses they are targeting, 420 Capital serves as a mentor in rebranding the products, marketing and sales, as well as production management and future research into improving the product. Sort of a business mentor that gives you money to improve yourself. 420 Capital will also invest into researching plants for specific conditions. And recommend the use of these strains for specific users. Currently it is rather general or maybe narrowed down to a few.

There are 1000s of Marijuana strains and they all serve different purposes. 420 Capital has partnered up with a Marijuana doctor with 8000 patient profiles understanding what helped their conditions. This will allow the backend production to narrow down these products and immediately reproduce them for trials.

Breaking down the minimum
allows the average joe to be part of this growth. As the potential compounding
projection can grow your $1000 into $150,000. 3000 people will get a huge
payoff in years to come when 420 Capital takes off as a household brand of
Marijuana product.

With 420 capital investment
plans, you can safely invest to increase the supply of natural medicine for the
growing population of people who depend on it to live their day to day life.
420 capital works with already existing cultivators to increase their supply
growth by providing them property and capital so that high-quality marijuana
products are ready to help and heal those in need.

An Opportunity Not to Be Missed

Investing your money into an
industry that is growing by the day is a great opportunity for small business
holders or investors to get lifetime secured equity. And for a business that is
helping bring good to the world gives you a purpose more meaningful than money.
Marijuana is a natural gift from God to mankind with miraculous healing powers
and it is far better than man-made drugs filled with opioids and dangerous
chemicals. Meeting the required supplies of marijuana that is high in quality
and is not coming from a shady dealer is a challenge we face. 

Investing your money in this mission of providing people who desperately need Medicinal Marijuana to heal from deadly and painful diseases with a plus point of making a high return and secure income is once in a lifetime opportunity. 420 capital is working hard to bring back this miracle plant and educate people on its amazing benefits. The money you invest in this venture capital is used to increase the supplies, help the cultivators that grow high-quality marijuana, spread awareness in people about marijuana uses and produce Marijuana products.

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