Megalopolis man

Although I come from a small village, it turned out that I like cities more.

I fell in love with Bangkok, I love Seoul, I admire Kuala Lumpur and although I did not have time to understand Singapore, but I think he would have come too. Interesting, I would like in Moscow?

These glass-concrete skyscrapers beckon me. The rhythm of the city, movement and noise make you move to the rhythm.

I am really tired of the quiet and peaceful Phuket. Phuket is solitude and nature. For me, Phuket is laziness. And my brain wants to stir already.

Are you a man of a metropolis or a man of nature?

The best moments in life are most often not told.
And usually they do not fall into the lens.
They are stored in our memory and cause a mysterious smile when you pull them out of there.
Remember them more often so that your brain remembers this feeling.
Goosebumps and pleasant tension in the chest.
Remember. Feel it.

Travel: independent or on a trip?

After this tour, I liked to ride the finished tour. When everything was thought out for you. What to see along the road, where to eat and where to go to the toilet 🤭
Although on its own, the preparation phase of the route itself is fascinating.

What do you choose?

Why am I here?

Everyone, probably, ever dreamed of living in eternal summer, well, or at least to live for a while, right? To be close to the sea, where you can plunge at any time …

Following this dream, many try to get out even closer to the beach and palm trees at least on vacation.

Fair? I never dreamed of living on the island. Not that I would like Russian life, I just thought that this was happening to someone, but not to me. Surely you also think of many things the same way?

So why am I here?
Firstly, Everything is very banal – it’s always warm and colorful here! 😁 Is that all? Is it that simple? Count it up! While mine freeze my ass in the summer with 8 ° C, every day I enjoy the sun and shorts! And trying to get the most out of it. Why am I trying? Because there are stereotypes and attitudes that interfere with this (I’ll write an angry post about this).
Secondly, I can afford it. Not materially, but here👉🧠 when money already comes to the background, albeit no less important, because you always want to eat.

Why are you there? Share it!

I am very afraid to ride motorcycles

I remember even a passenger at first was afraid to ride. But the time has come and I had to drive this horse

I learned to ride here in Thailand, in the evenings in the parking lot of the shopping center, then along the night streets, when the roads of Phuket are almost empty

The first 2 motorcycles were big for me, small and not very experienced, so I dropped them (I dropped them, not fell😁), then I took a small and not very powerful bike that I still ride on

I’m still afraid, but every time sitting on a bike they overcome fear and even get high from driving! 🏍

It was the eighth month in Thailand.
I still work, I eat a lot of fruit every day, and on weekends I always try to lie on the beach🏝 ⠀
And things happen to me that I still can’t believe in:

~ I drive a motorcycle
~ I conduct excursions in English
~ freezing in the morning at 24 ° C
~ already visited countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia (Bali), Singapore

Life in Thailand has given me this opportunity. Travel, learn new things and sometimes overcome great difficulties and step over your fears

I love life on the island, but I always would not want to live here. And the desire to settle somewhere does not leave me. Therefore, now I am just at the stage of choosing my future.

Have you done (are you doing?) Something that you would never even think about?

In search of strength, I went to an ancient temple ..

Angkor Wat is a giant Hindu temple built in the 12th century. Located in Cambodia and is the main attraction of the country. It is also known for the fact that here they shot Lara Croft with Angelina Jolie (in the internet there is her photo on the background of a tree in a previous post).

Believe places can give power? Where do you usually get strength?

I decided to beautifully name this post, and the picture on the topic ем well, hello, my dears 🤗 this letter is for those who have lost me. Thank you for worrying❤ everything is fine with me, I’m still in Thailand, sometimes I travel to neighboring countries. There are many photographs, more thoughts, and business that happened to me even more. But I don’t have the strength to write yet … sorry 😔 therefore, I won’t promise anything yet. I know that my people will stay with me, and they will find out with me what will happen next. In the meantime, from time to time I will upload photos from my travels, well, I’m always a direct commissar in Direct!

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