The Benefits Of Using Patriotic


Tumbler Cups 

Express your American pride with patriotic tumblers available in different designs and colors for both women and men. The products are the perfect solution when it comes to maintaining the temperature of drinks, and they’re fit for everybody’s needs. These stainless steel drinkware, i.e. tumbler and mug cups, are suitable for use on all occasions as well as patriotic purposes. Additionally, they can be personalized for individuals seeking to express themselves uniquely. All these products feature slogans, logos and other designs demonstrating and portraying one’s American pride. The tumblers are 100% made in the United States of America and not imported from any other country. 

The Benefits Of Using Patriotic Tumblers 

Here are some of the major benefits of using patriotic stainless steel tumblers for keeping your favorite drinks. 

Health Benefits 

The Shield Republic tumblers are made of stainless steel giving you a getaway from using plastic containers which leaches into drinks the chemical Biphenyl A (BPA). This chemical is commonly found in plastics and deemed harmful to human health. Being stainless steel makes these tumblers naturally BPA free; therefore, no side effects to one’s health. 


Stainless steel tumblers and mugs are well-known for their sturdiness and durability as they can withstand harsh and strenuous conditions without breaking or cracking and still maintain their functionality. You are assured with longevity and long term use, therefore, making money spent worth it. 

High-Temperature Relation 

There is no better way to maintain the temperature of a drink than using a stainless steel tumbler. These stainless steel vacuum insulated tumblers have the capacity to retain the hotness or coldness of a drink up to 12 hours from the time it was poured into the vacuum. 

Easy To Maintain 

You can never struggle to clean a tumbler made of stainless steel, and as the name suggests, it is ‘stainless’. The drinkware can be hand-washed with just soap and clean water and look as good as new. Since they offer corrosion resistance features, one can also run them through a dishwasher to achieve an extra spark without damaging the quality. 


What’s better than getting a quality tumbler that is guaranteed to last for years for a small amount of money? Absolutely nothing. The price range for these patriotic stainless steel tumblers is around $19.99 to $34.99, which perfectly fits into anyone’s budget. 

Environmental Friendly 

Unlike plastic bottles and disposable cups, stainless steel tumblers are likely to last for a very long time, thus reducing the number of disposable containers being thrown away. Statistics show that 40 billion plastic bottles and 50 billion plastic cups get thrown away yearly, which leads to increased land pollution. By ditching plastic containers and using stainless steel tumblers, we can reduce more plastic waste. 

Less Reactive 

Stainless steel tumblers are designed with the ability to resist reaction, therefore, they don’t react with weak acids like lemon juice and vinegar commonly used in beverages or food as ingredients. That’s an added advantage compared to other metals that react with drinks and form chemical compounds that can weaken your immunity. Additionally, they don’t transfer odor to drinks, therefore, maintaining their natural taste and temperature. 

Doesn’t Host Bacteria 

Plastic materials usually contain small pores where bacteria can penetrate, multiply, contaminate food and harm your health. That’s not the case with stainless steel of which particles are closely packed together, leaving no small pores to harbor bacteria. 

Multiple Designs 

The main reason why most people are comfortable enough to carry around their stainless steel tumblers is their stylishness. They have an elegant and attractive appeal, thus constantly making a fashion statement wherever you go. Moreover, this patriotic drinkware is available in a variety of designs to match all kinds of customer’s preferences. Here are the top designs for patriotic tumblers; 

  • All Occasion Conservative Drinkware 

If you want to live the essence of American conservative values every day, then the conservative party tumbler is the best way to achieve that. The patriotic drinkware is perfect for carrying around during road trips and work, therefore giving you the freedom to express your American pride wherever you go. 

  • True Patriots Conservative Drink Ware 

Getting yourself an authentic patriot tumbler is the best way to get rid of the plastic cups that pose potential health risk factors. Their significance extends way beyond conveying patriotic messages; they are also reusable, convenient and can be personalized as you’d prefer. 

  • Personalized Patriotic Tumblers 

When you can’t be vocal about your patriotic feelings, let tumblers speak for you. They can be personalized to spread whatever message the customer desires. They also give the best experience of waking up to a steamy cup of coffee filled into your favorite personalized coffee mug. Moreover, the messages imprinted on it can also be in an image from, for example, a flag or the face of an admirable leader. 

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