How can you prevent a bed bug infestation?

How can you prevent a bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs are small little critters that seem
to come out from our nightmares, as they are known for coming out at night to
suck our blood. Bed bugs are known to be able to live in pretty much any
environment both dirty and clean, which makes getting rid of them very
difficult. These little insects love to hide in clothing, clutter, cracks,
crevices and any area around your home where it may be difficult to see them.
If you are already having trouble with a bed bugs infestation do not try
preventive means and instead, hire an A1 bed bug exterminator Nashville.

If you are looking not to get rid but rather
preventing bed bugs from getting into your home, then there are a few things
you can employ to ensure these critters stay away from your residence.

which places can bed bugs hide?

As stated, before bed bugs can live pretty
much in any environment, given they have a food source to survive. These little
critters can hide pretty much anywhere where there is space, which includes
crevices, old wallpaper cracks, below your bed, in your clothes and even within
loose electrical connectors. The best ways to remove the areas where bed bugs
can hide is by:

  • Constantly
    vacuum your home, especially if it has a carpet.
  • Clean
    thoroughly below and behind your bed, be sure to also clean under the mattress.
  • Remove
    and repair any loose wallpaper or cracks that appear around your home.
  • Ensure
    any wall connecting to your neighbor’s home doesn’t have any entryway or
  • Get
    rid of any clutter or discarded items that may be lingering around for too
  • Try
    using lavender, cinnamon or lemongrass scented essential oils or incense.

sure you don’t bring any bed bugs with you back home:

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t
suddenly appear at a dirty apartment, but rather they hitchhike a ride with you
back home. Bed bugs can live in any environment which makes going outside a
potential threat to bringing bed bugs into your home. Be careful when
purchasing new furniture, bringing older books back home with you or even
having your friend’s car parked at your garage. Here are a few more areas you
could consider:

  • Always
    try to carry scented essential oils of lavender, cinnamon or lemongrass as bed
    bugs dislike their smell.
  • Be
    careful when bringing used goods back home as bed bugs or other critters may
    come along
  • Bed
    bugs often travel on furniture delivery trucks, so no matter if old or new always
    check them thoroughly.
  • When
    spending the night at a hotel be sure to inspect the room for bed bugs.
  • Bed
    bugs can also appear in both private & public transportation.
  • Bed
    bugs can reside pretty much in any building such as a police station, nursery,
    fire dept, etc.

Bed bugs are
hitchhiking critters, and they can come back with you if you travel to any
business, residence or even at a park. Try to scrape areas where you believe
bed bugs could reside, and use a flashlight as they could be difficult to spot
depending on their size. Bed bugs are experts in hiding so be sure you
thoroughly check any area you believe they may be in even if it is at a ceiling
fixture. Always be sure you close any gaps around your home & furniture and
constantly clean your home by vacuuming it and try mopping your floors with
lavender or cinnamon-scented disinfectants as these are smells bed bugs truly

Try not to stress out
about bed bugs because even though they may appear from pretty much anywhere it
doesn’t mean your home is endangered if you are prepared. Bed bugs hate scented
oils that come from cinnamon, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and clover due
to their strong smell, so carrying one with you is always a great idea. You can
also opt for doing laundry along these scented oils to ensure you and your
children’s clothes are safer from any hitchhiking bug.

If you stumble upon bed
bugs do not panic and be sure you get professional help. If you happen to find
bed bugs in one spot of your home, then chances are there are more hiding
around. A professional exterminator can get rid of these critters with ease so
it is recommended to leave any extermination to an expert. If you spot bed bugs
on furniture you just brought home try to keep it outside and call an expert,
as they may be able to exterminate the critters without having you throw away
your furniture.

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