How does the internet work? [Things you must know]

how internet works

To know how internet works, first of all, we need to know what is the Internet

  • The Internet, also known as the Internet, or transliterated Internet (Internet), the Internet, the Internet began in 1969 in the United States Apa.
  • It is a huge network connected by networks and networks. These networks are connected by a common set of protocols to form a logical single huge international network.

Let’s translate it.

  • The Internet is simply a digital network that connects all computers in the world.
  • In the 1970s, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn co-invented the Internet
  • All the computers in the world make up the Internet
  • The birth of the Internet was mainly used for data transmission between different computers.

So how internet works for data transmition?

The Internet is a completely decentralized system. There is no centralized control to determine the transmission path of packets, or to determine the way each network is set up, or to decide who can connect to whom.

Information on the Internet is transmitted from one computer to another in the form of packets.

Let’s start from the first step

To know how internet works it is really a must to know about TCP/IP.

  1. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) will you send data into a plurality of smaller packets (packets) which can improve the transmission efficiency, dispersing the probability of data loss. (Do not put eggs in the same basket)
  2. IP (Network Protocol) Write the address of your host and the address of the other host to all packets so that the packets know where the departure and destination are.
  3. Direction that the packet is isotropic, each packet may take the route is different, each computer is a router (Router) , for the transmission of data packets pointing to the place he thinks is right
  4. Data packets pass through routers and eventually reach their destination.

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Routing? Is it a router?

Routing refers to the network-wide process that determines the end-to-end path when a packet travels from source to destination.

The original English meaning of routing can be referred to as forwarding. A router is to forward data packets to another router to implement data transmission.

What is TPC / IP?

The encyclopedia says

  • Abbreviation of Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. The Chinese translation is called Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Interconnection Protocol, also known as network communication protocol. It is the most basic protocol of the Internet and the basis of the Internet. The TCP protocol is composed.
  • TCP / IP defines standards for how electronic devices connect to the Internet and how data is transferred between them.
  • In general terms: TCP is responsible for discovering transmission problems, sending out signals whenever there is a problem, and requesting retransmissions until all data is safely and correctly transmitted to the destination. The IP specifies an address for each networked device on the Internet.


  • During data transmission, the transmission paths (routing) of data packets are not the same (there is no fixed direction)
  • Therefore, when the data packets arrive at their destination, they may be out of order, data loss, etc.
  • TCP arranges the order for all the data packets. When the data packets reach their destination, they will reassemble the data packets to form the picture, text and other information we originally sent.
  • If a data packet is lost or damaged, TCP will send a signal requesting retransmission until all the data has reached its destination and then assembled into the original state.

In conclusion

The transmission of data in the network goes through several links:

  • User sends data
  • TPC divides data into packets
  • IP writes the origin and destination of the packet
  • Data packets are transmitted through the router to the destination
  • Packet arrives at destination to accept TCP check
  • TPC checks that the packet is normal, combines the packet, and recovers the data

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