Zero the Kidd “Face of the new generation”

Zero the Kidd “Face of the new generation”
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Zero the
Kidd has over 10 million streams, has been on more than 150 blogs and has been
in multiple magazines all of this before he is even old enough to drink
alcohol. Zero the Kidd has been grabbing everyone attention who listens to his
music by using his amazing voice and his unique rapping style although at times
it he has been known to kind of emulate a young Kendrick Lamar.

We have
never heard an artist like zero the Kidd he is carving a new lane for a lot of
younger artist showing them you can have a melodic flow and still be complex
and stand for something taking away the narrative that the new generation
doesn’t have the skill of the elders in the industry. But with ZTK as the face
of this new breed of artist he can make others a believer of the young rappers
out there and inspire them to challenge themselves to challenge themselves

Being a “New
Breed” of rapper ZTK has a lot of pressure to be great because if he fails it
would prove so many people right that these new type of artist don’t belong ,
But if he doesn’t claim his well-deserved fame he will pave the way for so many
others just like him and maybe older musicians will also hop on bored and ride
the wave of this newly found sound.

If you
haven’t heard of Zero the Kidd you should go listen to his music and see what
everyone is talking about when they call him a “Different breed” of rapper.

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