Cricket Game is very beautiful game

Cricket history lies deep with the history of England. But most of the historian believe that it was started in middle of 16th century from the very basic level and slowly and gradually gain popularity within the England. This popularity didn’t constraint to the England .Instead, it spread all over the world . The laws of cricket was made in 1744. It is most widely played game all over the world . The countries which plays cricket include England , South Africa , Australia , Bangladesh , Zimbabwe , Srilanka , India , Ireland , Pakistan and many more. The cricket is being played on International level from many yeas. Moreover , it is also being played at national and domestic levels. There is a cricket council recognized Internationally is named as the International Cricket Council founded in 1909. In addition to that , countries also have their own cricket boards. They named on the name of their countries like New Zealand have it with the name of New Zealand Cricket (NZC) , Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and so on.

The stadiums are the place where cricket is played by the teams. There are many stadiums all over the world ,where cricket is played , that are generating revenue for respected country. The largest cricket stadium is located in India.
Cricket has three formats and it is different from the baseball. These three formats include one day match with fifty overs , T20 with twenty overs and test match which continues for five days. . Each team have eleven players . Each team plays one inning and both perform bowling and batting . The players perform on the pitch with ball and bat and the team with most of the scores wins. Each team have two empires on the field and one empire for screen review.
The tournaments held at national and internationally levels .The international champions trophy (ICC) and world cup (WC) are the international level tournaments that are played after four years. Teams play cricket series against each other .
Cricket is the most popular form of game among the youth and provide the entertainment to the spectators. Cricket also have vast beneficent impact on health of individuals . It’s benefits include physical fitness , stamina. Moreover, it provide the team skill and social skills of cooperation , coordination and interaction.
The alpha and omega of cricket is that it become the integral part of every individual.

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