Ahhh, bannas, coconuts …

I hope, like me, you sang the top line😁 it is with this song that I associate Thailand.

An incredible number of palm trees and plantations🌴 Such a variety of fruits that I still don’t remember all the names🤯


Have you heard these names? Have you tried it?

I met them here. Something fell in love, and something not very. And of course kilograms of mango and passion fruit. Pineapple turned out to be my favorite one, so I ate it, that allergy went on. And what is your favorite fruit?

If you only want to, you can also stars … you just want to💃

In both KOREA and THAILAND, “Russian-speaking” live in communities. They rally in one place, in one city, on one street, even in one house. ⠀
For example, in the house in which we lived in Korea, out of 9 apartments in 7, Russian speakers lived. So it is now. The house, of course, is much larger, but Russians surely live in half of the apartments, Koreans in a third, and a couple of apartments are occupied by locals.

That’s because when you are looking for permanent housing in another country, the best search engine is acquaintances. Friends have friends who can find a free apartment in the house.

In Korea, for example, the city of Ansan is considered the most densely populated by Russians. In Seoul on Dongdaemun for Lotte Fitin, every passerby will speak Russian.

In Thailand, the Russians settled in Pattaya and Phuket. Of course, the whole life of local people revolves around Russian tourists.

And then stores with Russian products, kindergartens and even schools open, Russian masters appear and you can cut your hair and paint your nails without fear😁

The coolest thing is to hang out and be friends with our neighbors💃 most of all we miss not Korea, namely our neighbors friends друзьям

In Russia, we did not know our neighbors at all. Are you friends with your neighbors?

Once again I am convinced how much people are exposed to the media. Yes, I am also like that, but I just don’t watch TV. But mom and dad are watching, and they are worried. For what?

Typhoon-dangerous most in the sea, as it is a strong wind and rain. On land, this is the same strong wind that sometimes happens in Moscow and Ufa and in other regions, which breaks trees and breaks wires. But … there was nothing similar on our island. A little rain and even the leaves did not move much.

It’s better to watch series about love💏, programs about animals🐯🐰 than regular false news. Or read my rare posts😁

Recently I realized that everything about work abroad was written somehow messy and not clear. Even in my posts🤷🏻‍♀️ therefore I decided to start writing everything from the very beginning.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO START WITH? if there is a desire to dump something somewhere, there was no and no remote

First, you need to choose a country. I studied for a long time and continue to study countries in which you can live, work and earn money. And so, here is a small list of countries where people go to earn more “ours”:

Korea, USA, Israel are leaders, as in these countries you can earn from 1000 to 3000 $. Work is mainly physical and depends on how much you work.

Thailand, China, Italy, Turkey are the second most popular countries. Sn is less here, but the work can be sedentary / chatting. Plus, it’s easier to get a long-term visa. Although, at the expense of Italy, it’s difficult to talk now, because there is now an influx of refugees and they say that the sn was very much dropped by everyone, even local ones.

Of course, in other countries there are also “ours”, but not in such numbers as in these countries☝️ and it’s more difficult to get a job or get a long-term visa. And so, then, the second question that we will deal with is visas!

Do you have friends who work abroad? In what countries?

New Year IN THAILAND (Russia and Korea here # Zulya_novyygod)

So how does this happen at + 30🌡 (let’s count how many matches?):

Ели watched hundreds of streetlights and fireworks being launched over the sea 🏮🎆😍

✅eli olivier🍽

✅ singing songs ’New Year’s and not very

✅ Showed Italians in the neighborhood how Russians celebrate New Year 💪

✅ bathed in the night sea 🌊

Ели watched Putin’s speech 👨🏻‍💼

✅ danced 💃 In reggibar with Thai rastamans 💨🤫

✅ slept with Santa Claus 🎅😱 (in full view)

In the morning we finished Olivier … on the beach

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