Balinese orders, or riots …

Before arriving in Bali, we heard about the mores of the locals. They talked about the fact that people threatened with knives, beaten, opened the villas.

Today we have not encountered this, on the contrary. Everyone was sweet and smiling. But tomorrow we wanted to climb the volcano. III … having read the dysfunctional cases of independent climbing (and not because the volcano is active, but because of those very threatening locals) they decided to abandon this idea. Postponed until next time😉😄

And the cops were super cute and the automatics were real!

We screamed at the waterfall

“Ahhhh!” Released energy🙏
No wonder the Balinese are such believers. Such a powerful nature around. Every 100 meters is a temple. Therefore, it seems that you are in a fairy tale, and not somewhere on earth.

When you stand right under a waterfall, it becomes scary from this force and you understand how much you “little man”

We arrived in Bali and got …

for the holidays. We are already celebrating the third new year (first our standard, second Chinese, now Indonesian, still Taish вперед ahead) and these holidays are coming up grandiose.

The first day, terrible figures were worn in the streets and then burned (they showed them to the story), but we didn’t go to the march, because our villa is located in the fields and didn’t want to go somewhere at night. The second day it was impossible to leave the house and turn on the light (the Internet was turned off all day). Spirits flying over the island that day should think that no one lives on the island. Even the airport is not working that day! The third day is festivities and feasts.

In general, we spent 2 days in the villa😁💃🍹 therefore we have not seen Bali yet and we don’t know whether it is fabulous or not) the villa is fabulous

One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Thailand.

People come here to take instagram photos😏 well, thanks to work, I come here every other day

Thanks @franckufa for the quadcopter video🤗

And what place would you call the most beautiful in your life?

Close your eyes right now.
Think, are you happy right now?
If so, send thanks to the universe.
If not, then open your eyes and stop doing what you did before this minute.

I have such a bunch of cool photos that I want to show you, but I have no time to write long posts. Therefore, I will be short.

Batu Caves is one of the most important attractions in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). A 43-meter-high gilded statue of a Hindu god, a huge staircase behind her, which leads to a huge cave where the temple is located and conduct Hindu rites. And on one of the holidays here comes 1.5 million pilgrims. They thread iron rings with chains into their skin and go to this temple. I saw only the video, and I don’t really want to be at this holiday.

Thank u babe for amazing holidays😚

Who was waiting for the cosmetics? I asked the guys from Korea to send a new batch. By March 8, just a great gift отличный the number is limited!


🍑 innisfree jeju volcanic pore scrub foam. Foam scrub, created on the basis of volcanic ash, the rarest ingredient from the ecologically clean island of Jeju-do, perfectly absorbs impurities such as sebum and other vital products and very deeply cleanses pores.

🍑 missha magic cushion moisturizing cushion with protection against UV 50+ (throw away your bibi and tonalki, go to the cushions)

🍑 3W CLINIC snail mucus sleeping pack. A night mask with snail mucus extract intensively moisturizes the skin, normalizes metabolic processes in tissues, increases skin firmness and elasticity, refreshes and tones.

🍑 Animal tiger wrinkle mask. The mask moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes wrinkles, restores radiance, smoothness and elasticity to the skin. Contains coconut water, evening primrose extract and goji berries.

Price: 3060rub + delivery (250 rubles in Russia)

So different Buddhism🙌

In both Korea and Thailand, most of the population is Buddhist. But everything is completely different☝️

In THAILAND 95% of the population are Buddhists and Thais very religious. They are given names according to Buddhist rules, buried according to Buddhist rites, they have a bunch of Buddhist talismans in their cars and houses, Buddhist holidays are public holidays and are celebrated widely throughout the country. Monks walk in orange.

In KOREA, about 30% of the population are Buddhists and every year Christian preachers expand their ranks. Buddhist festivals are celebrated in the same way, but Koreans are not laden with talismans. The temples in Korea are much smaller and most often they are far from crowded places. Monks wear a gray robe.

It turned out that in Buddhism there are 3 directions. The third is presented in Russia among our Buryats. I hope we get there too🤭

You can look at the difference of temples in the carousel🤔 the ​​second photo in Korea, the third in Thailand. And on the first photo Buddha of Saturday (I’m Saturday) and on what day of the week were you born? Tell about your day?

Before you gather somewhere, you must definitely study the issue of visa.

“For some reason, many mistakenly think that it is worth living a little in another country and you can obtain citizenship. No no

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