How to Write Off Bad Debt in QuickBooks

Write Off Bad Debt in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a famous accounting software utilized by small to mid-sized businesses. This software may be very beneficial for its users. But sometimes, in case you stuck an address a purchaser and for a few reasons, they’re refusing to pay you. This state of affairs is referred to as QuickBooks Bad debt. Off bad Debt in QuickBooks right place is QuickBooks Support in montana.


The steps for QuickBooks write off awful debt were explained in the following blog.

How to Define QuickBooks Bad Debt

The problems associated with QuickBooks Bad debt may affect the profit and loss reports at some point of reconciling the accounts in QB. Bad debt is an unrecovered quantity that is usually associated with account receivable. Due to this, it becomes essential for a corporation to write-off bad debts in QuickBooks Online.

Unfortunately, there may be a time whilst a client does no longer pay you for your services and you want to write off their incredible bill. The following information will help you write off the terrible debt.


If you don’t have already got a Bad Debt rate account set up, here’s a way to create one:


  • Click on the Gear icon and pick Chart of Accounts.
  • Click on New.
  • Select Expenses as the Account Type and sort in Bad Debt in the Name discipline and select Bad Debts because of the Detail Type.


You will need to create a credit score memo to apply the amazing bill.


  • Click at the Plus icon and pick out Credit Memo beneath the Customers column.
  • Select the purchaser
  • Use the contemporary date for the Credit Memo Date. Note: credit score memos should not be dated with earlier year’s date because it will have an effect on beyond financials and filed tax returns.
  • Select the Bad Debt item. Type Bad Debt in the Name discipline and choose the Bad Debt expense account for the Income account. Click Save and close. You can kind in Bad Debt and a descriptive reason in the Description area.
  • Enter the quantity of the exceptional invoice as the amount of the credit memo.
  • Click at the Sales menu at the left-hand facet after which the Customers menu on the top. Find the customer, and you will notice that QuickBooks mechanically applied the credit score memo to the invoice.

How to Write off Bad Debt in QuickBooks Online 

Follow the below steps and you should be capable of write off your bad debts very easily.


Step 1: Review the aging report on your Accounts Receivable


  • Use the left facet menu to open the Reports section.
  • Click on the Search tab.
  • Key in Accounts Receivable Aging.
  • This has to display all your amazing debt owed receivable.

Step 2: Make a new account for bad debts

You will need to create a free account. Start off the manner with this:


  • Click on the Gear icon from the Toolbar above.
  • Open Your Company.
  • Select Chart of Accounts.
  • Click New.
  • Click on the account type tab
  • From the drop-down menu that opens, pick out Expenses.
  • You must see a drop-down menu for Detail type. 
  • In the empty area enter the bad debt name.
  • Save & Close.

Step 3: Create a product item or a service object

  • Click at the Gear icon from the Toolbar above.
  • Click on Lists.
  • Click on  the tab Products and Services list.
  • Select New.
  • In name field section enter the bad debt name 
  • Go again to the Income Account field, and pick the newly created account.
  • Remove the checkbox withe ‘Is taxable’ field.
  • Select and save & close tab.

Step 4: Draft a credit score card memo

  • Select the + menu from the icon
  • From the drop-down list, pick out the Customer.
  • Select the newly created bad money owed to account from the Products/Services field.
  • Enter the quantity.
  • Enter Bad Debt within the Memo field.
  • Click on Save and Close.

Step 5: Apply the credit memo

  • Select the + menu from the icon
  • Select the Receive Payment option.
  • Pick the customer detail from the customer tab.
  • Use the Outstanding Transactions segment to choose the invoices you would like to write off.
  • From underneath the Credits segment, select the newly created memo.
  • The amount you have received needs to be 0.00.
  • Click on Save and Close.

Step 6: Run a record for the bad money owed

  • Select the Gear tab from the menu. 
  • Select your account tab.
  • Click on the various chart list of accounts.
  • Provide the bad debt path information.
  • Select the Action tab.
  • Select the run report option.


The steps to write-off terrible debt owed have been cited inside the above blog. We wish that the aforementioned steps assisted you in write-off bad debt owed in QuickBooks Online. Our Quickbooks Online Support team is 24*7 available.

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