How did pollution in Lahore become the second most in the world?

pollution in lahore

Although necessary measures are currently being taken around the world to prevent environmental pollution and to mitigate the negative effects of the resulting climate change, it is unfortunately not a coordinated and effective effort in this regard. Crosses It can also be inferred that pollution in Lahore is the second most in the world in the Air Quality Index.

pollution in lahore

The Lahore High Court has demanded a report from the Water Commission on December 27, expressing deep concern over environmental pollution in the city after air quality index data came out. The Director General, Environment before the Supreme Court, acknowledged that the measures taken to reduce pollution were insufficient. On this occasion, he described the process of burning of crops and the smoke from the industries and vehicles causing environmental pollution. Although the Lahore High Court has expressed deep concern over pollution in the city, on the other hand, the Punjab Government’s lack of stickiness is that only squads are being created for the anti-smoking campaign of the Department of Environment. 

The Federal and Provincial Government rejected the air quality index report even once, rejecting it, while even more shocking is the Minister of State for Environmental Change, Zartaj Gill, on November 2. In a photo released last year by the US space research agency, NASA, tweeted that “Burning crops in India produces pollution (in Pakistan).” So, it goes without saying. The government does not want to reduce the environmental pollution and wants to get worse by accusing India. According to the report of the “Secure Emission Inventory for Punjab”, the biggest cause of air pollution is the transport sector.

This sector accounts for 45%, while industries account for 25% of the pollution and 20% of the agricultural sector and the increase in air pollution is due to increased pollution. On the other hand, the report compiled by the Agri-Culture Department and the United Nations Food and Agri-Culture Organization on smog has clearly stated that the wind blows in the west in the winter, resulting in the burning of crops from India. The chances of incoming smoke are less.

However, despite the fact that the main cause of smog is the smoke of the vehicles, the Punjab government had set up two squads consisting of only 4 men, of which 3 clerks and only one, till November 15, to launch an operation against smoke emitting vehicles in Lahore. The inspector was included, while only the trained inspectors could check the Fit Ness of the vehicle. That is, only one inspector was added to the squad to check the fitting of the vehicles in the entire city of Lahore, the results of which are in front of us in the form of an Air Quality Index report. , Then a new squad was formed.

pollution in lahore

The Environment Department is set up to prevent environmental pollution in Punjab. The department is also responsible for controlling polluted water and various types of waste, wastewater, as well as protecting populations from radiation waves emitted from the KBS or base transit station towers. However, these towers are installed in the exact middle of the population at several locations in Lahore, while non-standard plastic shopping bags are being manufactured despite the ban. Under the aforementioned department, squads have also been set up to monitor the waste and waste from industries and hospitals, but their performance is zero. Similarly, despite the presence of the department’s dengue squad, the number of dengue victims is increasing every year.

One of the reasons for the increase in pollution and smog in Lahore is that the Department of Environmental Inspectors and other staff are not doing their duty faithfully. Several inspectors have been stationed in the same district for years and include non-qualified inspectors. I have been busy and due to this mediation, Nobit has reached the slaughter.

Recently, the father of five children was killed in Lahore. According to witnesses, the field department involved the incident, which involved bribing owners instead of shutting down pollution factories. One policeman was injured as a result of the shooting. When the incident was reported to a senior environmental protection officer, he disposed of the matter, using his influence. This is the reason why the accused is still performing “services” without fear.

The department staff does not issue notices to the polluting industrial units and if a notice is issued to anyone, the matter is “dealt with” rather than processed. The question that arises here is, if this is the case, how can pollution be removed from the city? On the condition of anonymity, a representative of an industrial unit told “Jang” that “rates have now gone up and work of Rs 35,000 is being done at Rs 2 lakh.” After he recently filed a pollution factory complaint, the relevant inspector handled the matter “mediating”. Similarly, an inspector, who has registered more than one case in the Anti-Corruption Department and is also under investigation, demanded Rs 2 lakh from an industrial unit and threatened to seal the factory if he failed to pay the required amount. However, the above inspector is still on duty.

Insulators are usually installed to control pollution in large industrial units, which removes hazardous health components from the smoke emitted from the industry. Although inspectors and other staff from the concerned departments inspect large industries, small units located in the streets are not scrutinized and forced to prevent pollution. Similarly, poultry farms have been set up in different parts of the Punjab around the population, due to the bad odor the locals suffer from.

Also, hazardous health discharges from textile mills and rice factories are taking place in sewers and canals, which are affecting humans as well as animals. On the other hand, no effective measures are being taken to prevent the smoke emitted from brick kilns and stone crushing units, and they are also increasing air pollution. Among other factors, the Department of Environmental Protection is not being trained to control pollution. It is important to note that in Germany the Department of Environmental Protection makes only environmental policy, while the local government implements it.

Therefore, if different areas of local government are mobilized for environmental protection in Lahore, its performance can be improved with the elimination of corruption in the department. Although there is a regular complaint cell set up to eradicate pollution in Lahore, its staff usually ignores complaints and if a case is reached in Punjab Environmental Tribunal, it is not heard for years. During this time, industrial units are busy with pollution. It is also worth mentioning here that the field staff of the department, which also serves as consultants or consultants from time to time, receives regular commission in lieu of litigation.

The Punjab government had decided to shut down brick kilns from November 1 to January 1 to reduce smog. However, the kilns using zig-zag technology were exempted from the ban because of no pollution, but the kiln owners withdrew the court’s order and bricks are being manufactured all over Punjab. The owners have the backing of the concerned department. 

Boilers and heavy generators, on the other hand, are also causing noise pollution due to their smoke and noise. Similarly, no one is paying attention to the pollution created by the smoke from the burned waste. In addition, timber and kerosene are being used as fuel due to gas shortages these days, which is increasing smog, while the main reason for the increase in smog is the non-use of industries. There is also standard oil.

Also, its smoke can have detrimental effects on human health as well. Trees play an important role in preventing environmental pollution, while deforestation and deforestation continue in major cities across the country. Similarly, modern instruments for measuring environmental pollution are inadequate, causing the smog to grow instead of diminishing, and we are putting our entire debris on India and sacrificing our responsibilities.

Because we have a tendency to burn wood and coal in winter,” says Rafa Alam, who has deep access to environmental issues with regard to Lahore as the second most polluted city in the world. This season, however, the air pollution is further increased and it becomes a smog. If we have to control smog, it will have to work consistently throughout the year. Vehicle smoke is the biggest cause of air pollution and we have to change energy sources to reduce smog, “he said. , But the relevant departments lack the capacity.

They do not have vehicles, manpower, and modern equipment used to check air pollution. So, in these situations it is important to monitor their performance. Government and related agencies should formulate a long-term policy to eliminate pollution rather than temporary measures, and it must be implemented strictly, otherwise it will not be possible to overcome the various pollution-causing diseases.

We should not rely on any single institution to end the smog, but we should also provide training to the people with legislation in this regard. Remember that the densities found in the environment are no less poisonous and to protect them, we must also follow hygiene principles. Although increased environmental pollution is a worrying age and it poses dangers to human lives, the state Department of Environmental Protection is in dire need. The department does not have its own buildings and its library has been inactive for the last five years, so how can pollution and smog decline?

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