All About Infographics

As content is achieving its peak daily more and more content is published daily. There are more than 2 billion blog posts that are published worldwide each year and more than 5.5m blogs are published daily. But are they worth? More than 4000 blogs are published for each minute (stats by internet live stats)

But is someone is going to read these blog posts? As if we calculate it can be considered that 4 blog posts for each person. But in the current era, there is no time for the people to read blog post infographics are gaining their place. But how? Let’s dwell to understand the importance of infographics. These are also useful for guest posting purposes on other websites.


Infographics are getting their importance way back from ten years back and their consumption stats are increasing in a skyrocket way. The reason behind their consumption is that they are designed in a manner that is more pleasing, animated, great collection of statistics with minimal text.

The importance of infographics usually is more as they remain in the mind as they are listed below.

Simple- These are the simplest way to transmit the information in a condensed and more informative way without getting confused.

Universal- This is the most important feature of infographics is that they all are universal and can be accessible to everyone. As the icons used in these infographics are easily understandable by the huge population not only by savvy internet users.

Original- The content placed in these infographics are 100% original because of which these are very rapidly consumed by internet users.

Their importance also increases as they are visually unique and are most often to grab the attention don’t let the visitors go from this place.

Why are these infographics are used?

There are multiple uses of infographics as it easily digests the complex information in a single graph. As there are multiple purposes for using infographics in the current scenario these are described beneath-

  1. It provides a quick overview of the topic and creates interest in the reader’s mind.
  2. Helpful for summarizing complex procedures in a nutshell and easy to understand the same.
  3. These types of infographics are also helpful in publishing research findings or survey data.
  4. These are also helpful to raise awareness in those matters that are the major cause or issue.

As many savvy marketers use infographics for the purpose of building brand awareness and increase engagements. The government use infographics for the purpose of sharing data school and collages use infographics to share some educational content data to make it easier.

Types of infographics

There are mainly three types which we are going to discuss in the coming bullet points with their purposes-

Statistical infographics- These are those infographics that are specially meant for depicting the statical information, and because of creative infographics these data become more eye-catching.

Informational infographics- These infographics are fully loaded with information and these type of infographics are summative and standalone pieces for an explanation of high-level topics. 

Process infographics- These types of infographics are specially meant for the purpose of explaining the critical process in concise and clear steps for others to follow which makes these infographics more appealing.

Comparison infographics- Many times there are many people who often juggle to make the comparison between the best two then they probably face a problem because of this, so for this purpose, many marketers and others use infographics for making their product more appealing in front of their competitors.

There are many platforms that are freely available for the purpose of creating free infographics like,, Piktochart, Canva, etc.


The above is brief but a deep guide on infographics which tells the whole view on it and how to make it and their different uses. Please implement and see the high results out of it.   

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