Toyota couldn’t reopen China plants for at least 1 other week as coronavirus shows small signal of slowing down

At an interesting time we live


A time when racists, lycimers, egoists and other evil spirits reveal their true faces. Like uneducated people scream the loudest, showing even more their stupidity. Someone is trying to make money on this (hello to Russian airlines), while someone is helping with all their might those who are in a difficult situation. Well, while the city falls asleep, the “mafia” naturally wakes up

Every day I remember the words from Lumen’s song “no one will be on the sidelines”

Tai closes tomorrow. Let’s hope it all ends quickly.

Just calm down. Be a Man, Not an Animal

I also hope that everything will end soon, as practice shows a month and the peak of the virus begins to decline, I would like it to be faster, we will be healthy and kind friends

I was denied a visa to Australia


Even considering that I had an invitation. In three pages, the immigration officer wrote down why he was refusing me. Basically, he referred to the fact that I do not have an official job (read “potential immigrant”). Yes, that happens. Many people think that the most difficult thing is to get a visa to America. But no, there are countries that are even more reluctant to give their visas.

I wanted to get to know Australia. I requested a tourist visa. Visa costs amounted to about $ 2000 2000 sadness knew no bounds.

One day I’ll do this, stroke the kangaroo, hug the koala and see him …. big barrier reef

There are such countries – do not be discouraged, I hope the koalas still remain, by the time of your trip to Australia. Today I read the news – poachers killed the last female and baby white giraffe.

What a shame if honestly visa-free entry to most countries is a direct reason to get Korean citizenship

About the same way I stood with the phone on the side of the road after the club in Bali and laughed with the guys. At that time, the bike was passing by very slowly, the passenger abruptly grabbed the phone from my hands, the driver turned the gas … the bike was sports. The guys tried to catch up with him, but there wasn’t much sense, he easily disappeared into the alleys of Kuta. The guy at the reception of the hostel said: “you yourself are to blame, walked on Kut between 3-4am – the most dangerous time.”
I went to the police, where I shrugged stupidly. I realized they won’t do this.

I did not sleep that day. It was Samsung Note 8. I tried to track him down, wrote messages on the phone that I was ready to pay for it (200GB photos and videos! 2 years of life, not a single scratch!), Blocked it remotely, and as a result remotely cleaned it … the next day, I bought Nout 9 and flew away from Bali. Again with incomprehensible feelings. Bali seems to be testing me for strength. That Kapeyeeets as you like, then happy

I did not expect from you!

Firstly, such activity, my dear little men.
Secondly, that you are so speculative with me.
Indeed, I didn’t write about many things and didn’t mention them on Instagram, and you could only guess.

Drum roll … And so
– I was not bitten by a shark. Although they are near the islands of Phi Phi, but they are absolutely harmless to humans.
-And I visited only 10 countries 🤷🏻‍♀️ I do not chase quantity. I want quality. I’ve returned to some countries more than once, and I want more. For example, northern Vietnam and the island of Java in Indonesia. And I like to live somewhere, and not just go sightseeing by jogging.

Well, then I’ll start with the next post to talk about those facts that remained “behind the scenes”

Among those who guessed in the story, I’ll play the winner later and send a present the other day

I have never played this game, but now I wanted. and did not send gifts for a long time, so I will send a small gift from Thailand to someone who guesses. If there are a lot of guesses, I will give away presents. So where is the lie ??

1 I lived at the khemerki in Cambodia
2 My phone was stolen in Bali
3 I swam next to the ramps
4 I was bitten by a shark near the islands of Phiphi
5 I did not want to let me go to Thailand
6 I was denied a visa to Australia
7 I slept on the beach in the sand
8 I lived in a Thai family
9 I have visited 20 countries
10 I do not have rights to the bike

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