Coronavirus: its a global medical emergency

The coronavirus outbreak in China created a global health emergency. As it is also declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO). The top international health organizations made an alarm and alert the top authorities of the countries all around the world right after the outbreak.

Coronavirus is spreading in other countries as well. Because it spread from person to person and the other causes are unknown therefore it is hard to control it. But all the countries are trying to control this outbreak by combine efforts. Along with this, the countries are contributing to research to find its cure.

The country with most coronavirus cases:

The country affected the most with this deadly virus in China. And Wuhan and Hubei are the cities in China that have most cases. Besides China, this virus is spreading in other countries as well. And studies showed that most cases of the coronavirus patients are those who recently traveled from China.

Till now the countries with confirmed coronavirus patients are Hong Kong, Philippines, Middle East countries, Asian countries, North America, and Australia. Even in the Philippines and Hong Kong a death from coronavirus has been also confirmed.

Which initiatives have been taken to stop coronavirus from spreading?

Coronavirus became a major concern for the whole world. Scientists and researchers are working on developing its cure or vaccine but it will take time. To stop this deadly virus to spread various initiatives have been taken by China and other countries.

At the first stage, China sealed its areas like Wuhan because it has more coronavirus patients. In addition to that, they restrict their citizens to travel even from one city to another. China is also taking measures to take care of foreigners living or studying China.

On the other hand, various countries have banned Chinese people from entering their states. Moreover, they also banned their air services like America. Various countries also stopped their citizens to travel to China.

Various companies also stop their trade with China after the outbreak of the coronavirus. Like Apple Company closed its stores and the whole function in China.

Now, various countries started to bring back their citizens from China with special air services. These countries included Pakistan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Russia, and so on. But before bringing them back the countries are ensuring that the people are scanned properly. So that the suspected coronavirus patients never travel to another country. The countries are also scanning the people coming from China at the airport. And if they find a suspected person or have doubts they are keeping them under observation to avoid any problem.

If a person with suspected coronavirus traveled to another country it can cause an outbreak there. And as there is no confirmed source behind this disease and neither the cure it is hard to avoid this disease. But all the countries know the sensitivity and seriousness of this issue. Therefore, everyone is trying to take all the measures to avoid this deadly virus in their own capacity.

All the international health organizations are also running the awareness campaigns and informing the people about this disease. So, it is recommended to you to go and visit the official websites of the international health organizations to know all about the coronavirus.

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