Someone refused a ticket


I don’t know the reasons, but they sold their ticket for 50% of the initial cost. + $ 60 for renewal. The decision was made in half an hour: “There are other buyers” and I transfer money right away😄

The ticket included: tickets to Ufa-Phuket and back, airport transfer, accommodation for 13 nights and breakfasts (in Thailand, the All inclusive system is not practiced like in Turkey) “Depart after 4 days”

This is exactly the case of the “burning tour”. For which you can not expensive, but good rest. But for this you should not be attached to the date and are ready to break even the next day.

The flight took 8 hours, but another 3 hours the parents stood in line for registration at the Phuket airport, because several Boeing landed at the same time🤦‍♀️ so they arrived super tired. Did you see dad in a sweater at +30? 😄 and they were there in winter shoes!

These days quickly passed😔 2 times my parents went to work with me, visited a transvestite show, my mother went to Thai massage, my dad ate Tommy, and 2 times a day, too. Mom, who did not take a tan in the Crimea and Turkey, was burned and peeled off several times; in general, they were tired. And already enjoy the cold and homemade soup in Russia.

Pipe dreams

Or how I fulfilled my most cherished dream. It’s mine, because my parents didn’t even dream of ever being on the shores of the Andman Sea, and dad did not even suspect that his daughters were plotting a month before the trip.

Autumn 2019. I decide to stay in Thailand. I make a student visa. The only thing I regret is that I will not see my relatives. I think how much it will cost me a trip to Russia. $ 1000 round-trip .. then in September for this price you could buy tickets to Thailand for two from Moscow. The idea came up “why should I go, if you can bring two here for this price” 🤔

As a child, I thought that people who go to Sochi are rich and only deputies and businessmen go abroad 😂 I didn’t belong to any of them, so accepting that I could walk around Tay with my parents was something supernatural.

But my sister said, let’s buy
Dad will never agree
– we won’t tell him

Ahhh. They said they did. At public services, they applied for a passport for their father (he had never been abroad before). Dad did not suspect anything. At that time I was monitoring prices. Just buy tickets or a package tour. Like it or not, a package was cheaper to fly.

It’s time to pick up your passport. There were attempts to deny, but in the end, dad took the passport. “Pack your suitcase and wait,” I said to my parents. Meanwhile, in January, prices from Ufa for the most seedy treshki are not lower than 100 thousand rubles😥

Yesterday, a tire pierced on the road .. wagged the priest .. I sharply braked directly on the serpentine, I ask the passenger to get off, I get to the parking pocket. Time 22.00. Workshops on the island finish work around 8mi. I had to leave the bike on the road 😬

Today I went for a bike, drove to the workshop on the way. I go to the master, I say “English?” After this word he runs away to his place. “Well, I think, figs, I’ll find a master who agrees to help me.” I go to his partner, I show a photo with a flat tire and a photo where the bike is. He shouts to a nook: “Go quickly to the exits, there’s just a punctured tire.” Silently sits on his bike and rides to the place that I indicated. There he takes the keys from me, silently sits on my bike and leaves on it😂 on a bike with a punctured wheel😄 as if it should be so. I stayed with my mouth open, waiting … arriving with a normal wheel, showing 200 on the phone.
200 baht ~ 400 rub !!! 😄 gave another 100 for tea well done. Joy. He and I have.

Sunrises and sunsets in Phuket fall in love with everyone

Often in the mornings I ride a bike to work and admire the dawn, and in the evening returning from work I admire the sunset from the bus window.
Although I am not the kindest person in the morning, thanks to the guys who pulled me out of bed on my Day Off! In the morning, a special atmosphere, I tell tourists when we spend the night on Lake Cheolan.

When you are in Phuket, do not be lazy and meet at least once the dawn! Well, run every day to the sunset, they are different every day here.

And where was your most memorable sunrise?

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