Protest continued against America’s kill of Soleimani

Protest continued against america

After negotiations that failed, all the good transporters of Pakistan have joined the protests against the government. Yes, in order to fulfill their demands and negotiations. The demands were not heard by the Pakistan government and the goods drivers and transporters have severely involved in the protests against the state today. The strike is alive and is announced throughout the country. It has been joined by the city bus drivers who have left the passengers. In order to deal with trouble for their everyday commutation today. The inter-city bus owners have initiated their suspension of services throughout the country. And, have announced zero transportation of travelling and tour.

Protest continued against america

Such suspension of commutation across the country has become a major issue for all the passengers. It includes the school and college-goers. Hundreds of citizens from the country joined the protests and clashed with police officials on Friday. Moving on today, many citizens including the private bus drivers are protesting against the cause of Soleimani’s death on 3rd January. The Shei’te citizens of the country are demanding an action against the kill of Soleimani the major commander of Quds Force of Iran.

Against the action of America

Thousands of protestors against the action of America on the commander chanted, “Death to America” followed by the chants against Israel too and have burned the same effigy of Donald Trump the president of US. The protesters also demanded that Irfan Khan’s government to back them up during the protests and with their demands. Many cities were affected by such protests across the country making it difficult for the general public to carry on. Yes, with the regular transportation and routine.


The most popular city of Pakistan, Karachi, also had many protests in the entire city making the same demands. Well, against the act of America and demanding justice to the major commander Soleimani’s death. However, Irfan Khan’s government circulated a notice that stated, “Our country will not participate in any regional conflict and will neither allow using its soil against any other region.” Once after the statement, the prime minister later instructed his foreign minister to visit Iran. And, deescalate the issues and the regional conflicts and tensions.

The response from the US is awaited and expected and if the protestors around the country are fulfilled. Yes, with their demands then the protest will soon be over causing no issues to the general public in the cities and different states.

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