Rally in shares runs out of steam as coronavirus toll climbs

A beautiful allegory


this is when a wave suddenly rolls and soaks yours (it seems to me a beautiful allegory)

Mass hysteria. Do not worry only the one whom it has not yet touched.

Those who live in other countries probably affected this more than those who are now at home (I hope you understand what I mean by “homeland”) I and many of my friends made big plans for this spring. Most of the plans were related to travel. And it was travel that came under the greatest blow in connection with the current situation in the world.

My dream was Everest😍 we thought of Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. But why am I writing in the past tense ?! everything remains the same, just postponed indefinitely.

Now I am in Thailand. The situation, of course, is a bit dumb. Naturally, due to the lack of tourists, we were left without work. But thanks to my dad, I learned to always have a “airbag.” Therefore, I most likely will be able to serve a couple of months of quarantine in Phuket. But in this situation, this is also not exact.

About the beautiful side of this coin. So much free time! But this is not so good for me, since I do not know how to plan my time and be “superproductive,” as it has become fashionable to say it now. Now I’ll stick to the series, then I’ll find some interesting page and stick to the couple for a couple of hours (admit, do you do that too? 😏) but in general I plan to become a good guy. Take stories, write posts, play sports, learn English. Learn to combine relaxation and development. Enjoy the opportunity. Fighting!

And how did the situation in the world affect you? Are you quarantined? Or continue to live as you lived? Tell me here👇 I think everyone is interested in knowing what people are doing in different parts of the world🌏

Greetings from Ufa. To date, everyone seems to be doing great. Yesterday I went out, there are very few people. Well this is in Zaton. Although here life is in full swing just like in the city. Previously, there were so many people on the market that I had to stand in line, and yesterday I went around the whole market in 10 minutes and bought everything I needed. Everything is in the shops, there were no masks in the pharmacy, but everything else is. If you do not take into account those who violate the quarantine regime, then everything is fine. And even the presence of patients is not scary as these vagrants. Take care 🙏

nice photo! Thank you for your calm positive thoughts. Of course, I confess – I’m stuck on TV shows, instagram and even tictok🙈 Although there is still no quarantine in full — I go to work in the office by metro. But theaters, cinema were closed, fitness centers will also be closed from tomorrow. Time is gone, but less too)) Travel plans too. We want this year to Australia. But since it is only in December, we hope everything will settle down. Tickets for the Black Sea were bought in June, but this is Russia – the copper basin only waved until it covered .

While I am working hard, moving by taxi, and had to quarantine for a week, my ear blew 🤪 sick leave until Friday, but yesterday there were shootings for the magazine, tomorrow they call me to work, they say they sew up without me, on Friday I open the point (on time aha) and until 4 in the morning I draw portraits for study, I study to draw illustrations on the tablet. Saturday is still filming. I can’t sit at home, 3 years of decree was enough

Greetings .from this word, panic attacks begin. Well, I work as a teacher, it didn’t affect us in any way. We also want to work, we work remotely. The only thing students are happy about. Putin recently announced that the next week is not working with the preservation of the RFP. But this does not apply to civil servants. In the city, of course, a little less people became, but in the cafe more than enough. And there were travel plans, I hope everything will not be covered with a copper basin. And so, to be honest, I miss your Korean posts for you health and patience.

damn, I’m so glad about the salary news. All the same, our state is not so bad. Against the background of what is happening in other countries, Russia is doing great so far. Well, you don’t miss there там we will entertain each other

they don’t let us get bored at work. We have a technical college, and our ministry ordered us to sew gauze dressings, well, of course, for the ministry itself, we are doing this from Monday morning to evening.

One way to stay in Korea is to live, of course, by marriage.

But, this does not mean that you will become a citizen of the UK. You just get a family visa. If you divorce, then the visa will be taken from you. And yes, you will be asked to leave the country. And if you have a child from a citizen of the UK, then the child will remain there, and you will leave home. There are such cases🤷🏻‍♀️ in general realities are cruel, and as always I tell you about them😏

There are many multinational families in Korea. Real, loving. But, along with them, there are fictitious ones. You see for yourself, the popularity of Korea is only growing, so those who want to live in this country are only increasing. The cost of such a marriage varies around $ 20,000 😧 to be honest, I do not know who decides on this, but since there is a proposal, then there is a demand. They talked about a guy from the CIS who got involved in this business and married a Korean woman who likes to hang out. So she, after each party, drunk, fell to the guy and demanded money, threatening that she would divorce him.

I will not go far, I will tell the story of a Korean friend. He is 43 and he really wants a family. But like many Korean men, he does not want to start a family with a Korean woman. Therefore, he met with the Mongolian, and with the Vietnamese, and with the Russian. Unfortunately, without success, it didn’t reach the wedding. I loved asking him about his relationship. He was not particularly secretive, he told everything. So, recently he met on the Internet a woman from Uzbekistan and he really liked her. She does not hide that she is looking for a Korean to obtain a coveted visa, but she is not averse to living with him. She already has an adult child and wants to transport him to Korea. The Korean knows about her intentions and is absolutely not against children and does not mind helping her get a visa in exchange for her dream family. Recently, he went to visit her and met in reality. I was glad to hear that he really liked her and this is mutual.

To be honest, I’m a little shocked by such people. Such selfish thoughts push me away. Could you betray yourself for a dream? Or is it still the norm in the modern world? Marriages of convenience still exist? Or can you combine business with pleasure? What are your thoughts?

And the draw of the last card! Terms

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