Cheolan lake


Most tourists consider the excursion to Lake Cheolan the best from Phuket (better than sea excursions😉)
I consider it the best because these rocks remind me of the rocks of the Ural Mountains. And the Ural Mountains is my homeland, this is my love. There are suggestions that these mountains are about the same age. Is there anyone who understands?

Cheolan Lake

Artificial pond 180 km from Phuket. A huge reservoir in the gorge between the huge cliffs and mountains. I saw wild elephants, wild boars, monkeys and toucans (these are such big birds) here and I hear gibbons from time to time. We usually spend the night here in houseboats. A special pleasure to lie down on the pier at night and admire the stars (the Milky Way was visible in summer😍) Wild romance!

Thailand has year-round summer🏝
In December, the coldest nights … 24 ° C
The heat is in May. Daytime up to 37 ° C
There was no rain in the rainy season, but there were notable rains at the beginning of the “dry” season.
Now there is no rain at all, I don’t even remember when it was the last time.
Here is the weather here.
Have more questions about the weather?


It is not only the sea and the beach.
It is a pity that many coming here think so. Without leaving their district people, they think that Tom Yam costs 250 baht (~ 500 rubles) and that Phuket is sooooo expensive.

I really like Phuket Town. This is a town in the east of the island. The best place, of course, is Old town. Where there are beautiful multi-colored houses, an interesting street-start on the walls, designer shops, hand-made things. In the same district in the evening you can sit in a bar and listen to jazz or eat in an inconspicuous Thai cafe with a Michelin star. You can admire the sunset and the city view at the Kau Rang lookout (beware of the monkeys, who sometimes behave there very aggressively).

Do you like seal rest or do you need to climb everywhere?

Today is the first day of your remaining life

Not very optimistic, but true.

I still haven’t decided who I will be when I get up as an adult, but I decided what I definitely don’t want — I don’t want to wake up one day and regret how boring my life was. Therefore, now I have a clear understanding that I am doing everything right, that I am in the right place and around me the most correct people.

Do you have a clear understanding of your future?

Freedom. About sore

I’m not a bloggerг maybe I thought about it, but soon I realized how dear to me my personal space is.

About personal space. I do not want to delve into my “dirty linen” anymore. Therefore, there will be a minimum of personal, and please stop asking me PERSONAL questions. You are not my mother. Have a beat. At such moments, the only thought that runs through my head is boiling up: is it really boring for you to live?

Now in my life there is so much that’s happening, I don’t keep up with everything, not just show or tell.

At the same time, I am glad that I have you не without even meeting in person, I already know many of you. And sometimes you write me such cool words of support! Thank you

I will continue to post beautiful photos, try to keep the tape in one style, write interesting and informative posts, but lately there has been a greater need to share my thoughts … reasonings. I know, if you are my person, then we will be good friends😉
And the people who are watching my life and waiting for something bad to happen to me, get out of here!

Trying something new turned out to be my favorite pastime!

I was very afraid and did not like to swim in big waves. But everything was gone when for the first time with the board I went to meet the waves of the ocean🌊

This photo as a reminder “Step over your fears, there is something beautiful waiting for you”

I’ll be back, surely back to the waves

If you feel that you are doing wrong, do not do it.
Speak exactly what you want to say.
Do not try to please everyone.
Trust your instincts.
Never talk badly about yourself.
Do not give up childhood dreams.
Don’t be afraid to say no.
Don’t be afraid to say yes.
Be kind to yourself.
Let go of all that you cannot control.
Stay away from drama and negativity.

Dawn on the volcano Batur. A place to change your thoughts.

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