Koran vs Russia

I go to the store
👍In Korea, smile and say hello
👎In Russia, when a client enters, no one pays attention to him and sellers continue to do their own thing. And when you turn to them, “Sorry,” you bark, “What do you want?”

I ride the bus
😡 In Russia, someone must argue with the driver, among themselves, by phone or with himself
😊 In Korea, everyone is sitting quietly and even if there is any inconvenience, they are suffering

Part 8

Ideally, we wanted to get the three of us in one place so that no one was scared. But the agent said that such a vacancy does not exist, so we will have to split up. I was categorically against sharing with my husband, so we were waiting for work “for a married couple”, and my sister left for work in another city after 2 days.

One! I left one in another city, without communication, not knowing the language and locality. The fact is that we did not have a sim card. Therefore, it was possible to communicate with the agent only where there is Wi-Fi. The agent said to take a certain bus and go, and then get in touch and he will say where to go next😬 it confused us, but what can you do? At that moment, we depended only on this dude. What happened next I found out only late at night.

The first problem was to get to the bus station and buy tickets to the city that was needed. Since there are a lot of cities with a similar name in Korea (for example, Ansan and Asan), secondly, buses leave in the same direction almost every minute, and finding your bus without a language is very difficult. “I took a photo of my ticket and sent it to the agent to tell me if I bought the ticket in the right direction, and he replied: probably.” I mean, probably ?? I wish I freaked out at that moment.

When my sister reached point B, it was already night in the yard. And also this fucking suitcase, which seemed to weigh 50 kilos. Barely lifted him up the stairs😥 and now night, a foreign country, an incomprehensible language and sister☹

The benefit was left near some large hotel where the doorman spoke English. He helped call a taxi to the final destination. And there already met the future Sajan (boss).

Continued in the comments👇

Today, finally, I will talk about agents. No, not about those at the FBI. And about those who “help” find / get a job abroad. It will be about South Korea.

I divide agents into 2 camps. The former send you from Russia, the latter are located and suit you directly in Korea. The first for their services take about 15tysch, while buying you a ticket, booking a hotel, etc. then they give 5-7 thousand to an agent who is in Korea and that suits you. Since I can do the tickets and the rest of the training myself, we chose the second. I scooped up a bunch of information, found a million chats and found an agent who matched the “seemingly honest” option. I wrote to him that we want to find work through him, to which he replied: I arrange only those who are already in Korea, since you can still not go through customs😬 and so all decent agents answer! Remember this! No company can guarantee that they will let you through at the border. Therefore, I categorically have a negative attitude towards those firms that “guarantee” you employment in Korea, while being in Russia.

Well, then you know that we flew to Korea on our own and already wrote to our agent at the airport: “we are in Korea and are ready to start work.” Yes, we were ready for any job and any conditions, if only we were paid the money that they promised. We thought that this particular money would solve all our problems. How do you think the money would solve? Or is money not the main thing? I still can not decide. But the money that we earned in Korea gave us many opportunities and changed our lives. To be continued…

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